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Our solutions remain stable in the face of the payments landscape's constant change, enabling you to reach your customers with market-leading solutions.

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  • Built-in
    QR codes.
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    look and feel on
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The platform to enable your SME's

The platform to enable your SME's

Experience seamless payments, billing, and tracking on the go. With Yap, you send invoices instantly via email or SMS, and your clients instantly settle with a dynamic payment link or QR code.

The best solution for billers and merchants.

Simple and secure online payment processor that instantly generates hosted payment pages on the fly.

Make digital payments any time and from any location.

Payment links

Adding value to the payment process.

Generate secure payment links that you can send via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. Customers pay by clicking on the payment link.

Get notified in real time when the amount is settled.

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The leading solution to build payments your way!

Give your customers access to a variety of payment options through your own website or mobile app. Access to account and invoice lookups, loading for authorisation and payment, and customised handbacks once payments are complete, are available to you.

Take control over your payments.

Recurring and subscription payments.

The leading solution for repeat payments.

Through Digi-APITM, Pay@ enables you to process repeat payments. When the card is loaded, the initial card transaction uses 3DSecure. After that, subsequent transactions can happen automatically or with a single customer click. All credit card data is tokenized and stored safely.

Fast-track routine payments.

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